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How to Improve Academic Self-Discipline So That You Can Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed 

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There is no real secret to exam preparation; preparation starts on DAY ONE! Like exam prep, from day one Dr. McDonald will help you build your semester roadmap so that you don't feel overwhelmed and you stay organized.

Learn the reliable Divide and Conquer Method to help you work through reading assignments and become more intentional about workload management. If you happen to struggle with time management like 48% of college students do, Dr. McDonald can help improve your time management by providing unique self-management tools.

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A Universal Cause of Failure is the Habit of Quitting When You're Overwhelmed by a Temporary Setback.


“I’ve never known anyone who regretted earning their degree, but I know of people who did regret NOT EARNING IT.”

~Dr. Shandra L. McDonald

"Shandra helped me realize I had nothing to lose and reminded me how important a degree was because it meant that no one could ever take it away."

Claudia G. – Cal State University Fullerton Alumni

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